Sound Bites from EMiLUX Class of 2023 Graduation

The Luxury Management and Design Innovation (EMiLUX) executive program was born out of two innovative schools in the top ten in their fields, Parsons and ESSEC Business School. The program serves professionals and entrepreneurs looking to develop a global perspective and a deeper knowledge of international luxury markets and it’s designed to allow participants to continue working for the duration of their study.
We sat down with the EMiLUX Class of 2023 at their graduation ceremony on November 17, 2023. Here’s what they had to say:
What makes EMiLUX unique?
EMiLUX is unique because cultures come together to create a bond, in the fashion cities of the world.

How does this program offer participants a pathway to elevating their position within organizations or industries?


You can change job positions, industry, and geography. You travel to these places, meet people there, and get familiar with these markets. You broaden your horizons and see where you can fit.

Participant 1: Rana Hobeika


Tell us about something you have learned/discovered during your program that surprised you.


I was surprised to see that an idea I had is, in fact, a fully-functioning company here in NYC, since the 1990s! Seeing it come to life and operate successfully–as well as learning from the team on site–inspired me to want to pursue it and to create my own version of it for my area in the GCC (Gulf Coast Countries) and the Middle East.

Any advice for others who may be interested in this program?
Apply! Do it! If you’re working in the luxury industry, EMiLUX is a great foot in the door. The faculty and networking provide great advice, insight, and experiences.
Participant 2: Fitri Ida Harini
Why did you choose this program?
I work in luxury in Paris and I wanted to take the next step in evolving my career. That led me to a prestigious school like ESSEC, and I saw that they offered an executive program on luxury, in partnership with Parsons. Applying was a no-brainer for me.
How will the content help you achieve your professional and personal goals?
The experiences around the world helped me get a better idea of the luxury world. These international experiences have been unforgettable and important in shaping my full-rounded understanding of the luxury industry.
Interested in the worlds of luxury and design–and the way they collide?