Fast-Track Custom Programs

Students from the Parsons Fashion Marketing AAS program work with designers and executives at H&M to brainstorm a new idea for upcoming campaigns.

Our programs are specialized semi-customizable learning experiences designed to tackle the key challenges facing your organization today. We iteratively develop a core curriculum to ensure that your team has access to the latest in impact-driven intellectual property, methodologies, and tools.

A Better Way to Meet Your Organization’s Challenges

Parsons Executive Education fast-track custom programs are built to meet your organization’s needs and goals and unlock Return on Design. Our goal is to equip organizations to anticipate change and enable teams to solve their most pressing problems with the creativity and confidence that comes from applying a design mindset. Our faculty familiarize your team with the latest thinking on and studies in design-led strategy to propel your organization and brand forward.

Any of our individual or corporate programs can be customized to fit your needs. We work with you to create the perfect mix of topics, modules, and industry experts. We also offer the option of combining programs to create dynamic new hybrid content.

Select Your Fast-Track Topic Areas

Our fast-track custom programs address the high-profile, high-value opportunities facing our partners. Topics covered may include improving customer-centricity, decision making with diversity and inclusion in mind, operationalizing design-led innovation, and setting and reaching an organization’s North Star. We bring our design-led approach to solving problems at the system level, where narrowly focused solutions often fail. Our content is based on the latest research and workplace insights as well as our industry experts’ vast experience in creating groundbreaking products and services that achieve growth at scale through design.

These programs are designed to be highly immersive and interactive, offering invaluable opportunities for your leaders to prototype concepts and solutions with team members and faculty experts. Through hands-on collaboration and delivery, your organization develops the experience, skills, and creative confidence needed to generate tangible, repeatable results.

Contact our Client Services team to explore our fast-track custom programs and design a custom solution that fits your organization’s needs and goals.

Build Your Fast-Track Program

Connect with our Client Services team to explore our fast-track custom programs and learn how they might fit your organization’s needs and goals.
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