Custom Programs for Organizations

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In today’s ever-evolving global landscape, organizations capable of responding and adapting to change enjoy a significant competitive edge. Partner with us to implement customized design-centric solutions that can yield positive impact and foster growth for your groups, teams, and organizations.

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Clients with Unique Goals

Our clients are medium and large public, private, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. We establish long-term relationships with these organizations and collaborate with them to design learning frameworks tailored to their goals. Through carefully developed learning pathways and programs, we enable teams to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Scaled Solutions for Organizational Success

Blending design thinking with foundational business concepts, we help you develop the mindsets, insights, and range of immediately applicable skills crucial for organizational growth and success. Through our tailored programs, you acquire expertise in areas such as circular design, agile innovation, product lifecycle management, executive leadership, and performance management, enabling your organization to grow and adapt in a constantly changing environment.

What You Will Gain

  • Devise and refine learning strategies for organizational transformation
  • Develop leadership and innovation competencies at all levels of your organization
  • Integrate sustainability and diversity into your organization’s operations for competitive advantage
  • Foster mindsets that embrace change across your organization to promote adaptability and success
  • Cultivate cultures of creativity for increased idea generation, collaboration and impact
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Topic Areas


  • U.S. Fashion Systems for Global Markets
  • Luxury Management and Design Innovation 
  • Fashion in the Experience Economy
  • Circular Systems for Sustainability


  • Creative Leadership for Organizational Transformation
  • Leadership for Emerging Executives


  • Strategic Design for Innovation
  • Innovation for Digital Transformation


  • Design and Social Foresight
  • Design and AI


  • Human-Centered Strategy for Impact
  • EISJ as a Strategic Advantage


  • Sustainability Strategies for Organizations
  • Zero-Waste Design

Co-creation Development Process

All custom programs are informed by our analysis of your organization’s state, needs, and desired outcomes. These programs reflect the latest in design and adult learning research, perspectives, tool kits, and frameworks and studies in design-led strategy and feature engagement with our world-renowned faculty and network of subject-matter experts and industry innovators.

Our Process

Process Infographic


Employing Parsons Executive Education’s user-centered inquiry approach, we conduct a thorough assessment of your organization’s needs and goals to develop a roadmap for transformation that outlines the program’s scope, timeline, and outcomes.


Using our proven methodologies, we create a program tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. Together, through in-depth consultations and an iterative process, we develop innovative learning solutions that address your organization’s needs.


Participants dive into an immersive learning experience, deploying bespoke tools that produce transformative outcomes. Throughout this process, we work closely with your leadership team to ensure the progress and effectiveness of the program.


Throughout all phases of development, feedback loops inform our mixed-method approach to evaluating the impact of our collaboration at both the individual and the organizational levels. Employing a holistic evaluation process allows us to build a knowledge base for future engagements with your organization.

Choose the Way Your Organization Learns

We offer several format options to meet your needs.


In-Person Experience

Join us for an intimate and engaging in-person experience in which you learn from world-class faculty and industry innovators.


Live Online Experience

Your team can experience our dynamic programs  wherever they are. Our live online classes easily fit into your organization’s schedule while providing a highly immersive virtual space, best-in-class online instruction, and opportunities for hands-on engagement.


Hybrid Experience

We also offer a combined option, which features a mix of in-person and live online experiences. This option gives your organization greater flexibility and accessibility while offering a rich, engaging interactive learning environment.

What Are Your Organization’s Needs?

Partner with us to design and deploy custom solutions that create impact and promote fit-for-purpose growth for groups, teams, and organizations. For further information, program details and other general inquiries, contact our client services team. 

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