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Global Executive Masters Strategic Design & Management program launch Parsons Paris, Tuileries Gardens, Louvre.

Partner with Parsons to create custom programs uniquely designed to deliver what we call Return on Design: improved performance, increased resilience, and dynamic customer experiences that drive growth. Through a user-centered, holistic approach, our subject-matter experts teach your teams how to develop and design the systems, products, and experiences that will move your agenda for transformation forward.

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Custom Programs to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

Our curriculum can be customized to deliver company-specific application-oriented programs informed by your needs and goals. We work side by side with your teams to create exceptional learning experiences that take into account your organization’s culture and structure, putting the focus where you want it. Ultimately, we deliver high-impact design learning that includes individual and group coaching to guide teams to transform knowledge into practice.

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Fast-Track Custom Programs That Drive Impact

Parsons’ executive fast-track custom programs are specialized semi-customizable learning experiences. We iteratively develop this content on selected high-profile topics, enabling rapid deployment of the latest intellectual property, methodologies, and tools to your teams. Our programs teach executives how to employ a design-led approach to defining and implementing transformational strategies for their high-priority initiatives.

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Choose the Way Your Organization Learns

We offer several format options to fit your needs.


In-Person Experience

Join us in New York City for an intimate and engaging on-campus experience in which you learn from world-class faculty and industry innovators.


Live Online Experience

Your team can enjoy the dynamic experience of our programs from wherever they are. Our live online classes easily fit into your organization’s schedule while providing a highly immersive virtual space, best-in-class online learning, and opportunities for structured hands-on engagement.


Hybrid Experience

We also offer a blended option, which features a mix of in-person and live online experiences. This option gives your organization greater flexibility and accessibility while creating a rich, engaging interactive learning environment.

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Our Client Services team will design a learning program with you to address your goals and drive impact for your organization.

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