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Dynamic executives and leaders today seek fresh perspectives and effective tools with which to navigate change—gaining a competitive edge and fostering creativity to distinguish themselves and transform their companies and industries.

Parsons Executive Education focuses on providing leaders like you with practical frameworks designed to address complex challenges. We guide you in developing well-informed and thoroughly tested solutions that drive positive change. Our programs, which integrate design thinking, user insights, leadership skills, a focus on innovation, visual presentation skills, and strategy, are aimed at helping you improve performance, build resilience, develop dynamic customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth. Drawing on our expertise as one of the top design schools globally, we teach executives to think more creatively in their leadership roles. By harnessing the power of design, we enable professionals to approach their roles with greater creativity, make a significant impact, and navigate change adeptly, unlocking what we call Return on Design.

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In-Person Experience

Join us in New York City for an intimate and engaging on-campus experience. Here you learn from world-class faculty and industry innovators and engage with peers from diverse backgrounds and industries from around the globe.


Hybrid Experience

Combining in-person classroom instruction with online learning, our hybrid programs help executives like you transform their organizations and advance their careers through a format that offers both rigor and flexibility. 


Online Experience

Your team can experience our dynamic  programs from wherever you are. Our online classes easily fit into your organization’s schedule while providing a highly immersive virtual space, best-in-class online instruction, and opportunities for hands-on engagement.

Your Teaching Team and Community

Our programs are designed and taught by a diverse group of academics and industry leaders who are authorities in their fields, with practical, real-world expertise in areas including design, technology, business, energy, urban development, fashion, marketing, and finance. They impart crucial insights into the ways professional leaders must adapt to contemporary challenges and serve as your gateway to a global professional network of design practitioners and industry innovators. Members of this network contribute timely research and practical tools that enrich the classroom experience and offer opportunities for interaction and networking.

As a university that has consistently tackled pressing issues in innovative ways since its inception, we are dedicated to sustainability and social justice. This commitment is inseparable from our vision of employing business and design-based methods to effect positive change in the world.

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