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Parsons Executive Education challenges your current thinking through powerful new frameworks delivered in a variety of formats that fit your lifestyle and business needs. The program is designed to help you shift your perspective and connect the dots in ways traditional executive education can’t. You’ll master innovative methods and skills you can implement immediately to transform your business, advance your career, or switch to a new one.

Program Intensives

Our two- to five-day day courses, taught by world-renowned faculty, deliver high-touch learning experiences.

Innovation Design: From Everyday Business Decision to New Models for Growth

Faculty: Jeongki Lim

Length: 3 days

How can brands innovate from within? Our expert industry leaders and faculty will help participants evaluate and develop effective business practices and new models for growth. During this 3-day intensive, participants will gain a critical understanding of innovation by analyzing their business models using real-world cases across the industries and examining both successful and failed implementation strategies. Combining their insights with cutting-edge business frameworks, participants will create a customized plan with action items to use innovation as a tool for their brand growth.

What Customers Want: New Models for Brand Engagement

Faculty: Laura Lanteri and Khary Simon

Length: 2 days

Our expert industry leaders and faculty will help participants navigate the shifting landscape of consumer demand in the luxury sector, while exploring how lifestyle trends are drastically changing brand engagement. During this 2-day intensive participants will explore new ways to re-think, build and communicate the full emotional experience of a branding concept, challenging norms and testing new grounds in customer relations. Participants will be given the opportunity to evaluate their current customer-centric strategies across a variety of indicators, while directly experimenting with new tools across technology, retail, and branding. Participants will deep dive into successful strategies to target key consumers and create a plan with action items to engage with key new luxury consumers.

A Deeper Brand Experience: New Models for Brand Intimacy

Faculty: Tiago Valente

Length: 3 days

As competition for consumer awareness and attention grows ever more intense, fashion brands must find new ways to reach and engage with their audience and build brand loyalty. True brand intimacy goes beyond the transaction to create meaningful engagements that establish a connection with the consumer at a deep emotional level. In a new retail landscape, defined by an increasingly personal relationship with customers, Experience Design offers crucial lessons and key tactics to tackle some of the most consequential strategies for customer management. The module underscores how the value of an experience has greater potential to generate an emotional connection than a material purchase, ensuring a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the customer. The Experience Design intensive offers brand and retail executives the opportunity to hone the skills necessary to create powerful fashion consumer brand interactions and successful brand experiences in both the physical and the digital worlds.

Innovation Fast Track: From Vision to Delivery

Faculty: Keith Venkiteswaran

Length: 5 days

How can you use your resources, break down silos, develop new insights, and put the needs of your audience first to deliver innovation? Learn the latest innovation theories from leading experts and how to apply powerful frameworks and methodologies while cultivating a “dual” skill set that is equal parts strategy and design. Innovation isn't like other business processes. With few rules, frameworks, tools, or approaches to rely upon, many leaders struggle to inspire and deliver innovation. Consequently, teams fail to transcend mediocre business-as-usual, incremental gains. So why is it that some organizations are able to consistently invent new and disruptive ideas, strategies and experiences? The fact is that leaders can learn to innovate. And they can inspire and lead teams to drive innovative agendas forward. Learn new, practical approaches to unlocking and leveraging innovation. Upon completion, you’ll be empowered with the skills and tools to deliver new opportunities, experiences, and growth in any organizational context.

Master Classes

In our master classes, top industry leaders from around the world deliver immersive experiences.

Navigating Complexity with Strategic Design and Management

Faculty: Jeongki Lim

Length: 1 hour
Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 12:30 p.m.

As the market is transforming at an unprecedented scale, the world seems too complex to make any right decision. Yet complex phenomena have always been with us in our natural and artificial environments. This interdisciplinary seminar will examine fundamental concepts around emergence, chaos, self-organization, and creativity, and explore applications in everyday decision making for both immediate value creation and sustainable growth.

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