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The Executive Leadership Development Lab is a three-and-a-half-day experiential learning program designed to help leaders develop the ability to build and sustain transformative relationships in increasingly diverse, expansive, and interdependent organizations.

Program Overview

Modeled on the Group Dynamics Lab at The New School, the lab is aimed at enabling participants to cultivate the interpersonal skills they need to build teams and lead others. The course has been among the most popular electives at The New School for more than 30 years and has helped participants unlock their true potential not just as leaders but as individuals.

Designed to build self-awareness and develop practical skills, the lab is guided by two highly qualified facilitators. It delivers a highly personalized learning experience involving an intimate group of 12 participants who engage intensively with the content and practice skills and techniques essential for high-performing leaders. The lab offers a safe environment in which to observe the impact of behavior on others, practice key interpersonal skills with peer feedback, and learn ways to positively influence team formation. 

What You Will Learn

Developing Insights

Develop deeper insight into yourself and an awareness of your impact on other people in teams. Increase your understanding of the behavior of others, assess the positive or negative impact it may have, and—if necessary—develop the ability to shape change.

Giving Feedback

Uncover blind spots by learning to see yourself as others see you. Receive honest assessment of your impact on other people and learn to give effective, and perhaps difficult, feedback in a team setting. 

Active Listening

Practice a proprietary model for active listening that will enable you to more accurately recognize others’ perspectives and feelings and more effectively convey genuine empathy, coach and counsel others, and resolve conflicts.

Modeling Team Development

Learn to outline the steps leading to the development of a high-performance team. This powerful model will enable you to identify and describe the steps required for team development and develop the insight you need to skillfully intervene and shape your group into a true team.

Influencing Outcomes

Examine the way lived experiences influence individual and team outcomes and the way these experiences can be used to increase teams’ effectiveness.

Creating Powerful Dynamics

Observe how the dynamics of power, influence, norms, and trust are used by leaders to create equitable and fulfilling team experiences.

Promoting Diversity

Build your understanding of diverse team members and develop your ability to lead them and conduct difficult conversations with them.

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Program Topics

  • Identify and pursue your personal learning goals, shaped with support of faculty before the launch of the lab. Areas for improvement that may be identified include interpersonal communication and other aspects of interpersonal relations, team building, and leadership.

  • Develop more sophisticated skills for observing and diagnosing team dysfunction and taking the most appropriate action as a result of your assessment.

  • Use interpersonal communication skills to build and shape more open, effective, and rewarding relationships with a variety of people, even those you may experience as difficult.

  • Experiment with different roles that help a group achieve its goals.

  • Employ continuous risk-taking, disclosure, and feedback provision in service of your evolving learning goals.


  • Taught by faculty who are industry-recognized leaders and subject-matter experts

  • Limited to 12 participants and supported by two master facilitators

  • Program design tested and proved with more than 1,200 participants over 34 years

  • Proprietary tools and insights relevant to all industries and sectors

  • Interactive peer discussions

  • Relevant readings designed to enhance the lab experience

  • Exclusive network-building opportunities
  • Real-time experiential learning rather than academic case studies

  • Learning orientation and dinner with faculty

  • Certificate of Completion

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Who Is This Program For?

Senior leaders working in team settings and requiring more sophisticated facilitation skills to improve team cohesion, trust, and effectiveness.

Upper-level managers who have received and acknowledged feedback calling for them to improve their interpersonal skills and handle difficult interpersonal settings effectively to achieve desired outcomes.

Client-facing specialists who need to develop more sophisticated interpersonal skills for communicating effectively with clients. The goal may be to influence more effectively, manage conflict, enhance client satisfaction with the process, or create authentic relationships characterized by trust, which have been shown to increase client engagement. Individuals benefiting from the lab may work as architects, attorneys, accountants, or designers or in other advisory or consulting roles where influence is not exercised through the use of authority.

Professionals who need to become more effective in—and comfortable with—having difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, actively listening, and leading groups live or on video streaming platforms.


Our programs are developed and taught by a diverse community of academics and industry leaders with hands-on, real-world experience in a range of industries.

Program Lead

Mark Lipton

Professor Emeritus of Management at Parsons School of Design and The New School

Mark is Professor Emeritus of Management at Parsons School of Design and The New School in New York City.

For more than 40 years, he has advised Fortune 500 corporations, think tanks, philanthropies, not-for-profits, and start-ups. C-level executives benefit from his coaching skills, organizational assessment techniques, and leadership development programs. Since 2015, he has led Deloitte’s Chief Executive Program research strategy, and he now consults full-time with CEOs of rapidly growing young firms.

Program Co-Lead

Ayushi Jain

Senior Consultant, Executive Leadership Development Laboratory Program Co-Lead

Ayushi is a senior consultant committed to uncovering the power of human ingenuity to create change in society. She uses human-centered design and leadership facilitation principles to drive innovation in impact-oriented organizations. 

Why Parsons?

Parsons Executive Education operates at the intersection of design and the global socioeconomic trends transforming our organizations and communities. Our programs are designed for industry leaders and entrepreneurs who have the courage to engage in high-impact learning—those who come at challenges differently, celebrate creativity, and are capable of acting in the face of continuous change.

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