September 30, 2020, 9:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. EST

Luxury, Re-Defined

A virtual event

The conventional notion of luxury has all but imploded under the weight of a global pandemic, the largest racial and social justice movement in recent history, and the acceleration of trends that the retail market has been analyzing but slow to adopt. How can we define luxury in this new landscape? How can we move past old-fashioned notions of what luxury “should” be? Who is shaping the essence of luxury today? Join us to explore bold new ideas about this sector's metamorphosis and how to connect luxury to current economic conditions, consumer behavior, and societal needs.

Key Themes


The New Dynamic

  • What are the parameters for defining luxury now?
  • Who controls the brand voice?
  • Who is part of the brand conversation in the future?




The New Tenet

  • Socially conscious luxury-- how does the industry keep improving?
  • How can luxury serve larger populations?




The New Next

  • Post-experience, post-exclusivity, post-status, what is next for luxury?

Key Takeaways

  • Refine your company’s business strategy for a post-pandemic environment.
  • Learn to evaluate the economic climate and forecasting for the new consumer behavior.
  • Attain skills that will enable you to quickly pivot your business and create a more nimble culture.
  • Enhance your organization’s listening skills and learn to authentically address the cultural landscape relative to your business.
  • Develop strategies to maintain communication and connections with your consumers.




Wes Gordon

Creative Director, Carolina Herrera




Diet Prada

Co-Founders Tony Liu & Lindsey Schuyler



Jessie Nichols

Vogue Special Events Director



Candace Stewart

Prada Social Media Consultant

Parsons Adjunct Professor





Christopher Lacy

Founder, Christopher Lacy Consulting

Parsons Assistant Professor




Laura Lanteri

Creative Director/Founder LLNY

Parsons Assistant Professor




Khary Simon

Creative Director/Global VP Beauty & Fashion

Parsons Assistant Professor   


Additional Speakers Coming






9.30am // Welcome
9.45am // Master Class Part One
11am // Break
11.30am // Conversation with Wes Gordon, Creative Director- Carolina Herrera
Noon // Master Class Part Two
1pm // Panel Discussion
1.30pm // Concluding Remarks



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